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New controller& heating element

The product model: 001

Product description:

New controller for far-infrared heated products
 Carbon fiber heating element is made up of carbon graphite, carbon powder and many other carbon materials, and this product is a application about the Nano carbon pigment material ,it is a energy saving material because of high electricity-heat transformation rate (above 99%).

The products is flexible and waterproof, also has a very long service life. It can be heated to 180 , please do not ignore that it can produced 5um~18um of far infrared when it heated, and this function has been detected by the national far-infrared testing center, and the results as following:

1. The normal emissivity of far infrared: 87%

2. Electric -- heat radiation conversion efficiency of FIR:  65%.

The wavelength of far infrared rays has an excellent therapeutic function to human body, and has a good biocompatibility, so the product can act as an ideal material of health protection.

The carbon fiber heating element passed ROHS certification, and it can replace some other general electric heating material because of its high electricity-heat transformation rate, observable energy saving and high temperature and voltage range (3V-250v).  Besides, it has automatic temperature control with PTC effect, advanced technology, quality assurance, and achieves the advanced level.

Products are widely used in all kinds of electric products and equipment which temperatures less than 180, also used in residential heating and human health.