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Heated wrist support

The product model: BPWW-001

Product description:

Product Description: Wrist pain is commonly associated with the extended use of a computer keyboard as the repetitive motion adds wear and tear. Sports related injuries, arthritis, and tendonitis can also can make simple tasks completely unbearable. Our Re geable heated wrist support helps to combat the pain with FIR that safely provide deep penetrating heat below the skin without the use of potentially harmful medications.


Fabric: Nylon/OK fiber


HeatSupport Advantages:

1. The risk of a sprained wrist and other such injuries has been shown time and again to be significantly reduced by wearing wrist supports.

2. As the pioneer of portable Far Infrared Heat Therapy, HeatSupport provides therapeutic heat with a safe, low voltage Heating element so that you are able to experience instant pain relief.

3. FIR heating element: 205mm*6mm