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Heated back support

The product model: BPBS

Product description:

Product Description: HeatSupport heated back support is an ideal for riders who seek to enjoy long, uninterrupted rides or for those who simply want heat while out and about! No matter what you re doing outdoors for work or play, the HeatSupport heated back support, is sure to please. It not only provides warmth while facing unpredictable or undesirable temperatures, it also serves as a pain reliever for strained or sore muscles often present after hours of riding or a long day.


Nylon OK fiber

 HeatSupport Advantages:

1. Heated back support is designed to support and improve back posture, thus treating and managing low back pain, especially during heavy lifting, handling and sports activities

2. The Heating back support can be powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion Power Pack, 7.4V/2200mAH duration: at least 5 hours

3. FIR heating element: 240mm*130mm