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Heated headband

The product model: GBH

Product description:

Product Description: Enjoy your cold winters with the first ever developed rechargeable heated headband. The rechargeable heated fleece headband is designed for long-lasting warmth in extreme cold weather. Made of high quality yet lightweight material, it features built in Li-ion battery pack that could quickly warm up the headband between 37-42 °C to keep the head and the ears warm and toasty up to 5 hours. With hoop and loop enclosures, it ensures a comfortable fit onto your head.


Black with grey piping color

Fleece/polyester 26’’ inches

180mm*48mm heating element


HeatSupport Advantages:

1. HeatSupport heated head band is perfect for running, skiing, snowboarding, sailing, camping, fishing, hunting, or casual walking

2. 5 hours duration after having been fully charged