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Heated gloves

The product model: HG

Product description:

Product Description: HeatSupport heated gloves release the fingers from painful and numb feelings even when one is motor biking or cycling in extremely windy and snowy weather. Although the gloves look fairly normal, they are actually equipped with an intelligent high-tech core operating by a lithium polymer accumulator, which is barely visible located in a small, concealed pocket at the outer side of the cuff. These gloves provide up to 8 hours of comfortable warmth each time after being fully- ged and could be re ged up to 500 times.


Nylon & fleece inner shell

A four-finger shape heating pad,

Battery box


HeatSupport Advantages:

1. 3.7V 2800mAh re geable Li-ion battery & its charger

2. External power switch and LED power indicator

3. Heating elements are spread over the tips of the fingers and are on the backs of the hands (as wind chill usually does not affect the palms)

4. Advanced carbon heating elements, prolong the battery service life and improve performance.