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far-infrared heated carpet

The product model: heated carpet

Product description:

1. Soft---------More comfortable for you to enjoy 2. Warm------The temperature is suitable for you to have a good day. It is like bathing in the sun. 3. Health------It makes you have a good mood and have the function of far infrared. 4. Safe--------- It is overheating protection. 5. Cheap-------It has reasonable price. 6. Simple to move------It is easy to clean and portable. 7. Beautiful------The outlook is fashion and exquisite. 8. Variety---------We have various size and styles.

Product Description

Far infrared heated carpet adopts functional polymer electric heating composite material for the heating element.

 The inside of the carpet is all covered by the heating element.The carpet heat evenly and 71% heat can came out to the surface of the carpet directly as far infrared which can be absorbed by body.

 The ideal heat can improve metabolism, dispelling wind and eliminating dampness, relaxing tendons and activating collaterals, stimulate the circulation of the blood and cause the muscles and joints to relax and enhance your immunity.

Product applicable to the crowd
1. The old people who have high demand of the temperature.

2. The weak people and the sick people.

3. The baby who is not enough old to go school.

4. The white-collar who have high demand of their life quality. 

5. The people who don’t like air-condition to warm them.


Product applicable to place

1. Family house.

2. Office place.

3. Study Scientific Research Place.

4. The lack of heating place.